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Limited Edition beautiful synthetic araura opals in a lovely hexagonal cut, set in handcrafted silver bezels. A double jumpring bail attaches the pendant to a delicate satellite chain, giving the whole necklace a magical northern lights vibe.


Synthetic opal is the term used to describe an opal that has been created in a lab. The chemical and physical properties are identical to natural, earth-mined opal. Please note that this is different to 'imitation opal' which are not classed as opals, and do not have the same chemical composition.


Measurements: Chain length - 20". Gemstone width approx 14mm, height approx 10mm and depth 5.5mm.


You will recieve one of the four Araura Opal Necklaces pictured, if you have a preference please drop me an email and I will let you know if this opal has been purchased, or make a note on your order for you if it is still available.

Synthetic Araura Opal Necklace in Silver