Time to recycle some old family gold, or worn out silver?

Once any gemstones are removed I can melt down and roll out your gold or silver into fresh sheet, ready to be crafted into something more contemporary.

Work with me to design a piece that you can wear every day, letting those heirlooms live on while matching your personal style.

Do you have some well loved but broken jewellery tucked inside your jewellery box?

I'd love to help bring your jewellery back to life and prevent more treasures from entering the waste stream.

Jewellery repairs are charged at £10 per hour.

Think I can help?

Abigail Jewellery is...

Refined and feminine jewellery hand crafted by Abigail in her tiny garden studio in Tewkesbury. Proud to be a purveyor of consciously sourced, conflict free gemstones.

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